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Wut a day/night....(Updated Pics)

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ok so today i had just got 2 "good" tires put on my front. Im chillen at home on my bed and my friends gf calls me. She wanted to hang out so i went to pick her up. I get to her and he calls me.

91BerettaGt - "can you come over i wanna show this beretta wut a real 2.8 looks like."

i get there, 2 beretta, 2 MR2's and lil old me, we are just chillen there. I look at the beretta's engine and im like hold on, i go into my back seat and got out my other WAI pipe and he put it on and it runs better now. I helped an L body out. Then they went to get a cone filter for it, me and my friends gf went to my hosue got my video camera and chillen at robs house till he came back. We were all just chillin and talking comparing cars blah blah, now we are Modern Illusionz(sp) we decide hey who will win in a race Me or the one MR2 5 speed. First Rob and i went to the highway he kept pulling on me in 2nd and beginning of 3rd :( it sucked lol, had both my electric fans on. Then we went back to his house and chilled some more, then we decide lets go here to race. We had 2 video camera's and the one guy was a look out. We get to the place and line it up, my car started to run like sh*t so i had to dump the clutch and i held it threw first :(.......Rob was behind us with my camera the other guy in the Mr2 was at the end with his. Rob beeped 3 times for us to go. Mr2 took off not much spin, but all i had was spin then a chirp in 2nd, he pulled like 2-3 cars on me but i pulled it back in 3rd then we cut it off, we both agree he won by that much cuz of my wheel spin and are gonna run it again. First time meeting these guys and they were all cool. Took both Mr2 drivers for a ride, both liked it and the one was like "this has good reaction for an AMERICAN car", i laughed and he said he didnt like domestics much and i laughed and said i hated imports lol. I also drove his MR2 and it sooooo small lol, it was a great night though, i got some pics on my phone and we got video. After the race we all went to a parking lot and were talking, and a chick in a 240sx pulls by and was revving.......me "that was a chick.....HEY COME BACK I LIKE YOU" i actually said that lol then she came back and parked, i walked over......me "so wuts up". her "do i know you" i was like ouch, then we started to talk. I went to my car to show the Mr2 guy something and this truck turns its lights on and leaves the parking lot on the other side.....under cover cop? we dont know so we all split up and met back up at robs house. Everyone is loving how my 2 electric fans keep my engine cool and it cools it down sooooooo fast, my intake and exhaust manifolds were like ice cold in 5-10 mins of the fans running. Make a longgggggg story a bit shorter, i had my strobes/neons/fans on for a bit and killed my battery, beretta guy pushed me to start, then i came home.

Sorry for such a long post, just had fun tonight, all the guys were cool, and were going to a racing spot tonight and wanted me to go but i have to be at work inless then 6 hours :( lol. So Rob when u read this add n e thing i left out. ill get the pics from my phone up tomorrow, and i need some space to host my video its not good but u get the idea.

Oh yea, if u really wanna keep your engine cool like mine is staying right now, i hooked up another elecric fan infront of the radiator blowing in and i still have the stock, so much more air flow its rediculus, and yes its on a switch and yes it will still go on when the computer kicks it on, when i was on the highway with rob i kept it on, then from a stop i shut it off and i took him in 3rd gear by like a fender if that.

Pictures from my phone.

My old intake on Pats 2.8

Posi Burn Out, Robs sis and gf are to the side.

Pats Beretta, thats all i got then it got dark sorry.

If anyone has an extra 2mbs on a server ill put up the video. 1.66Mbs 17 Seconds long.
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sounds like a fun night. Glad to hear the car held its own against an MR2...those are tiny machines.
Sounded fun :D ! I need to do something like that.
Definitely was a fun night... You should've made it more of the fun with us... our races were sweet... those fans drain alot of power out of our engines

To give you an idea of power loss...
Joe(88cavalierz24) and I lined up on the highway and the light changed and with his fans on I spanked him really bad...

Fans off...
We raced I waited a half second until I saw his car move because of the auto to 5-speed difference and we stayed head to head until he hit 3rd gear (me just shifting into 3rd) I have severe power loss but massive torque there... Joe had be by a fender... We compared weights ... mine=3762 and Joe's = 34**... I had myself 215lb and my gf thats like a -10lbs lol and Joe's got the smaller engine.

If Joe had a better start vs the MR2 he would've done better, We had 2 video camera's up Joe's (in my car) and one of the other MR2's. Joe's camera would've shot better however I'm a moron and had my auto tranny in 1st gear lol.

Dave (white mr2) decided that we are going to save some of this for the track...

Pat (white beretta) thinks he's going to spank me... his car weighs 30lbs more than mine with a smaller engine (2.8) but the 30lbs means nothing because he weighs 180 plus the 30 lbs would be 210lbs and I weigh 215 so that would make my car heavier by 5 lbs...

Joe don't forget that road has a small curve which could've given me a slight advantage...
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91berettagt said:
Joe don't forget that road has a small curve which could've given me a slight advantage...
i forgot about that lol we need a straighter road. Both races i was to the right.
sounds like a sweet night :D i would like to have sweet nights like that lol
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