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z-24 parts and many others

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i have parts from a 89 z-24 for sale and other stuff
z-24 hood
z-24 ground effects,
headlights and headlight bucket( whole piece in the front in between bumper and hood.)
rear middle tailights and one side tailight.
2000 cavalier seats ( will work in any cavy,sunfire,sunbird)
whole stock intake.
a z-28 muffler (barely used from 1996 camaro had in shed for a few years)
stock instrument cluster from a 1993 z-24 cavalier.
stock instrument cluster from a 1992 saturn sc
a 1994 cavalier stock radio
a 2001 chevy silverado stock radio
a stock radio from a 1992 saturn sc
a stock cd player from a 1992 saturn sc, very rare item!!!
an ac compressor from a 1992 saturn sc.
a computer monitor and keyboard.
some miscellanous subwoofers.
a makita drill,light,and 3 batterty chargers

make offer on any and all. e-mail me or reply here. thanks.
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well, do you have any interior parts off of the 89 cavalier z24? If so, is the interior black??

come on peeps ill sell it all cheap.
hey man how much for the door caps to your gfx? not the skirts just the cap?
damn i have everything but those for the gfxs!!!! u wany anything else?
i need a drivers side tail light yesterday. can you help?
kriegs- make me almost any offer on the gfx i just need to get rid of them very soon.

92 cavquest- all i have tailight wise is the passengers and the middle section. i actually just threw the drivers side away!!!! but it was busted up pretty bad. i can look at some salvage yards here. let me know what ur wanting to spend not including shipping.

anybody want anything else???

i also have a 1992 saturn sc2 for sale. has every option !!!!!!!! 100,000 miles exactly!!! also its a lot faster then my 1994 cavalier 2.2 and my step-moms 1999 cavalier 2.2 i have a whole bunch of info about it. just ask.
they r dark grey and are in brand new condition. i had them in my 2nd gen for a while and they looked great. if anybody buys them im giving the backseats with them for free. make me an offer i just need to get rid of them.
how much for the hood and gfx? shipped to 76014
How much for the makita drill and light and accessories, and also what voltage are they
im not sure on shipping. shipping would be so much on that hood it almost wouldn't be worth it. but the quote from ups was 187.90 for shipping alone. i know it outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make a offer on the makita drill. im throwing in the 3 battery chargers for free, cause i don't have any batteries for the drills. my batteries were stolen. but let me know.
prices slashed everything must go!!!!!
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